This is my new project: trying to find order in the chaos of my life and the world by putting together vignettes. I chose a new name for my new project: XingfuMama.

Xingfu means “happy, blessed” in Chinese. I chose that because, in spite of some of the trials and tribulations, both past and on-going it really reflects my life.

Mama not because I have lots of children, I have only one offspring, now an adult; I chose mama because I seem to always fall into the role of care giver. I feel like “mama” to the world sometimes. In Africa they use “Mama” in place of Mrs. and tend to identify you with your children. I was “Mama James” in Mulundi. In China also several people called me Mama or James’s Mama.

Photography is probably too grand of a term for my pictures. But I have been to a few cool places and like some of the pictures I have taken.

Most of the photos have been taken with a Nikon L120. A bridge camera chosen for reasons no self respecting photographer would use:

1) It takes AA batteries, which are available pretty much anywhere in the world, unlike electricity.

2) It was not so valuable that I need to be always worrying about it being stolen or being out a bunch of money if I drop it. I can focus on being where I am.

3)  I needed a zoom (the L120 has a 21x zoom) for a trip to Kenya a few years ago.

I was due to take another trip, to Ireland, and I considered getting a new camera, but instead chose to take digital photography classes at South Seattle Community College.  This was one of the smartest things I could have done. My camera does have limitations, but by learning about composition and my camera I am able to take better advantage of the many features it does have.


14 thoughts on “About”

  1. Your blog is lovely, and I do agree with your reasons for choosing your camera. I am also considering to buy a bridge one because it is easy to transport in your luggage. I am not a photo expert but I think is a good model to start testing and learning, isn’t it?


  2. Thanks for stopping by and the like. My dad always said it wasn’t the camera that made the photographer…though it can help. I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work!


  3. So Great to discover someone closer to me than so many of the Bloggers I follow. Maybe you’ll appreciate some of the snapshots I post or stories I tell about my blissful (mostly) life in Washington State!
    I’m just at the beginning but I think I’m going to love your blog!


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