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Not sure what kind these are, they aren’t dutch and they aren’t bearded.

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Elegance itself

Walking the dogs last night my attention was captured by these elegant Calla Lillies.

Ginger wasn’t impressed by the flowers, but she was glad for the rest: we’ve been doing a puppy boot camp to firm up after they spent three weeks being spoiled rotten by my father while we were in China.


Cee’s Flower of the Day

Tree Peony

KSM-20180507-Tree_Peony-02The star of our garden is getting long in the tooth and the Japanese maple is shading it out. I’ve missed seeing it bloom the last couple of years because it blooms around my son’s birthday and I go to China to visit him about that time of year (the kite festival is usually close to then as well). This year, possibly because of the maple leafing out the peony was in full bloom when we got home last Sunday.


The blooms don’t last long: today there is only one petal left on the flower.

It is too old and the roots are too entwined with other plants to dig it up and move it to a new location, so this year we are going let it go to seed instead of dead-heading so we can propagate it. The Wiki-Google says that it is possible. Wish us luck!

Cee’s Flower of the Day.