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More Roads Taken

The rocky road on I am currently on getting is a wordpress.org site pulled together from one I formed when I took a class in web site design over a year ago. While the site itself is premature, I am starting to post galleries of pictures which may become relevant to its purpose.

I have not mastered how to get things linked up between WordPress.com and the new site. On that site I have two gallery posts for this week’s Daily Post Photo challenge: The Road Taken. Links to those posts are below

Kurobe Gorge, Japan

Road to the Top of Taishan

A Walk in the Woods from Paradise

We go to Mount Rainier to stay at Paradise almost every summer. It is a place that is both the same and different every year. Mostly one goes up from Paradise to the higher elevations with meadows of  wildflowers and unimpeded views of The Mountain. Last year we took a loop hike from Paradise down to Reflection Lakes and Narada Falls.

The combination of woods and lakes and waterfalls with some mountain views has a charm of its own: a bit gentler and less stark than the mountain all on its own. The hike is also a bit less strenuous than the ones to the higher elevations (the down side is that it is downhill going out and uphill going back so the hard part is at the end of the day).
The Road Taken

Lost egg


I wondered what caused the sudden kerfuffle among the penguins. It was Against the Odds to be able to spot it, let alone get a mostly in focus picture.

There are always gulls around looking for a tasty snack. It must have been pretty tricky for them: the birds you see in the photo mostly have eggs tucked between their toes and a flap of tummy that spreads like a skirt impeding motion.

These were taken at Volunteer Point in the Falkland Islands.

Really Alone in Patagonia

ksm20170110-solitude-01The estancias on the Peninsula Valdes are managed by gauchos who lead very solitary lives: the land doesn’t even support as may sheep per hectare as usual in other areas.

Here are some of the notes I took when our guide was telling us about Patagonian gauchos who live on the peninsula.

The gauchos lead very solitary lives. Cell phone signals do not reach very far onto the peninsula and there are no land lines. There is no way for outbound communication. For inbound communication there is a local AM radio station that has a regular weekly time slot for messages to the gauchos. These can be quite varied, from an owner saying “Bring the sheep to market on Friday”, to a wife saying “The kids have chicken pox” or “Not coming back. Goodbye.” The social scene is two gauchos on neighboring properties meeting regularly at a shared boundary to drink Yerba Mate. If one doesn’t show up then the other will go looking to see if something’s wrong.

The solitude is a reason why they favor Mara, commonly called “Patagonian hare”. They teach their dogs not to bother the animals and it is one of the few that they do not eat. We were told that the Mara often live close to the farmhouses. Mara are related to guinea pigs, but much much larger. I couldn’t spot these at first because I was looking for much smaller animals. These must have been about 3 feet high.


Published in response to the Daily Press Photo Challenge: Solitude